About this site:

*Introduction:* My name is Danny Tam. At the start of 2006 I am launching this personal blog as a platform to further explore the exciting field of personal publishing.

*On blogging software:* I have had experience with the ubiquitious “WordPress”:http://wordpress.org and the alternative B2 successor, “B2evolution”:http://b2evolution.net . However the blog engine powering this site is “Textpattern”:http://www.textpattern.com which I selected for 2 reasons. First one is that I wish to learn a different blogging platform after having tried wordpress and b2evolution. (For the record, I am still using WordPress and B2evolution for some other sites which I maintain.) Secondly Textpattern has a good reputation also being a very capable content management system.

*On blog presentation:* The template which I am using for this site is actually a home brewed adaptation of Root’s “Gemini template”:http://thebombsite.com/gemini originally created for WordPress. I am particularly fond of its relatively clean structure and two column layout. I have adapted it for my B2evolution and also Textpattern sites. Thanks Root 😉 .

*On content:* This blog shall serve as a scribblepad on which I shall post tid bits of personal interests. My primary aim is to utilize blogging as a tool to practise my writing. It is also a means to keep family members and friends who are living in far away land posted on the latest developments in the Tam clan.

*Disclaimer:* The materials which are posted here solely represent my personal opinions and shall in no way and at no time be associated with my employer.

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