Rambling Snail put up for sale

Avery Hise, the founder of Rambling Snail Fountain Pen Citizenry has just posted a “For Sale” notice for this highly popular and successful online community for fountain pen enthusiasts.

I have been following the forums for the past few months but have not registered. I did so immediately upon seeing the notice for fear that the forum’s days may be numbered. I truly hope that my worries are for nothing and someone will step up to take over ownership and continue the wonderful service that Avery has so kindly rendered to the international fountain pen community.

5 thoughts on “Rambling Snail put up for sale”

  1. Thanks Dillon.
    I have already signed up at Fountain Pen Network under the same id.

    It is sad that the Rambling Snail forum has finally closed.

  2. I honestly can’t say I miss the Rambling Snail. There was an attitude over there that seemed to exclude anyone that wasn’t a member of the original core group of members or one of their friends. I never saw so many newbies get ignored at a fountain pen board as I did at The Rambling Snail. Even before it shut down I preferred Fountain Pen Network and even Pentrace with its juvenile sniping and flame wars that came around on such a regular basis you could set a clock by them.

  3. I was a regular at Rambling Snail a few years back, and I DO miss that forum. I was by all means an outsider newbie, and I spent a lot of time browsing there because of its unique community and small-group feel. I hope we’ll see RS posters again at FPN and PT.

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