New Canon Digital SLR (DSLR) Expected

I have recently sold my Canon EOS 20D DLSR in anticipation of a new digital SLR to be released by Canon. Traditionally Canon has released new products in the Fall and August is usually the month for new camera product announcements by them. As the end of August approaches, rumour mills world wide have been working overtime, speculating on possible new SLRs to be introduced by Canon.

And if Canon does introduce these new cameras it won’t be a moment too soon because the competition have recently released new entry level cameras which have raised the bar for Canon.

Sony released their Alpha 100 DLSR to rave reviews and have even managed to win the EISA Consumer Camera of the Year award. Not bad for a first effort. (A comprehensive review of the Alpha 100 can be found here.)

Hot on the heels of Sony is Nikon’s recently announced D80 DSLR. (A comprehensive review of the D80 can be found here.)

Both the Alpha 100 and the D80 have been equipped with the same 10MP CCD sensor produced by Sony, and are priced competitively. Hence Canon is widely anticipated to respond with products of similar specifications or better.

One of the more popular sites tracking rumours of Canon’s coming new product is Bob Atkins who has launched a page dedicated to Canon’s new products. The consensus so far seems to be for an evolution of the EOS 350D SLR, to be called either the EOS 370D or the EOS 400D, with a pixel count matching the Alpha 100 and the D80. However Canon is expected to maintain the advantage in picture quality due to their excellent CMOS sensor technology which produces practically noise free digital images.

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