Fountain Pen photography with the Canon EOS 400D

Ever since I was bitten by the fountain pen bug a few months ago, I have been yearning to find a way to photograph the pens in a satisfactory manner. Fortunately Kelvin Tan, photographer extraordinaire , conducted a workshop in pen photography at Pengallery‘s showroom during a private review session. I was amongst the lucky few who attended the class, and I learnt so much from him that I was determined to put the new found knowledge into practice.

So when the Gimp, a marvellous piece of free software for image editing.

The tools work very well, as can be expected from most modern photographic equipment. Together with Kelvin’s tips I was able to produce some satisfactory photos of a few of the fountain pens in my collection. Once the pain in my wallet has subsided I will probably be adding a second slave flash unit for dual light source.

Below are a few selected shots taken with the above equipment. The complete set can be accessed at my Flickr site.

Aurora 88 Sterling Silver Fountain Pen

Pelikan 1931 Yellow Gold Limited Edition Fountain Pen

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