Motley Fool accepting Government bailout money

As I was checking my inbox this morning I noticed an eye catching email from David and Tom Gardner of Motley Fool. In case you are not familiar with these names, the Gardner brothers are the founders of the Motley Fool, a commercial investment website for individual retail investors.

The email pointed to a letter, from the Gardner Brothers, which unceremoniously announced that the Motley Fool has received US Government bailout money to the tune of 25 million US dollars, and it went on to explain why the application was made, the approval process and how they splurged 24 million USD on bonuses and perks for staff, including an island resort and they even invited fellow Fools to help them decide how to best spend the remaining bailout money.

As I read the mail I was shaking my head in disbelief as to how an investment advisory service could have successfully applied for the bailout money and how they had the audacity to splurge the taxpayers’ hard earned cash on themselves.

A strong sense of outrage began to build inside me…… then I glanced at the date and it was clearly stated 1st April.

April Fool’s Day and the joke was on me.

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