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It took a while but I have finally managed to convert my blog from Textpattern to WordPress. The conversion process was made easier by the import utility provided by WordPress, but a considerable amount of time and energy had to be expended¬† to tidy up and reformat the content. Then there’s the usual search for […]

Testing out Windows Live Writer with Textpattern

I recently downloaded Windows Live Writer, which is still currently in beta. I was curious to know how Microsoft’s free desktop blogging application compares to w.bloggar, the popular free weblog client by

Testing out Google Video with a short clip of baby Daniel

The video clip is hosted by Google Video and can be accessed via the Acrobat Flash applet embedded below: Just click on the “play” button to run the clip. It is only a short video (one minute length), showing Daniel throwing his tantrum.

Custom meta tags in Textpattern

Out of the box Textpattern does not provide the meta “description” tag for each article. Although there’s a keywords field available for each article under the “Advanced Options” link on the “write” page, the keywords tag is not included in the default template. I wanted to implement custom meta tags such as description and keywords […]

Warren’s Playpen on Google Search

Warren’s Playpen is a website which I set up a few months ago for my son. Warren loves to scribble, so I thought I would encourage him by setting up a personal website to showcase his doodles. Recently I tried to do a search on Google using the term “Warren Tam” and I was presently […]