XML-RPC support on Textual Thoughts

I have been using Textpattern to power this site for a few months now. While Textpattern is a really great piece of blogging software, in fact it is more like a light CMS, one of its more glaring shortcoming is the lack of support for XML-RPC.

XML-RPC allows remote procedure calls to be made over the Internet, using HTTP as the transport mechanism and XML for encoding. Most of the popular server based blogging platforms such as MovableType, WordPress and b2evolution have taken advantage of the XML-RPC standard to allow remote posting using weblog clients. Using a desktop based weblog client has many advantages, including the ability to draft your post offline and to save draft copies. Without a destop based weblog client it is an extremely frustrating experience to be working on a long post and to lose everything due a browser crash just because you forgot to save frequently. I have experienced such frustration more than once using Textpattern.

The Textpattern developer community have promised to include XML-RPC functionality in the near future but so far no official stable code has been released. Fortunately all is not lost and there are plugins available which add the XML-RPC functionality to Textpattern. I recently tested one of the available plugins contributed by Kurt Raschke. After installing the plugin I tested it with a number of weblog clients, such as Qumana, Ecto, Blogjet and w.bloggar. I only managed to get the whole thing working with w.bloggar. For some reason, the other clients reported errors. W.bloggar is a solid weblog client for Windows, generously made available for free by its author Marcelo Cabral. It may be freeware but it has all the bells and whistles provided by its commercial competitors. Bloggers should definitely check out w.bloggar before forking out good money for the commercial solutions.

The Weblog Name Generator

In my “last post”:http://www.dannytam.com/blog/101/the-other-textual-thoughts-blog I mentioned briefly about the “blog name generator”:http://weblogs.about.com/library/blblognamegenerator.htm. It is such a cool tool that I decided to describe more about it.

Briefly, the tool is a free service provided by about.com to help bloggers choose a name for their site. It is basically a random name generator. You can choose between a funky or a formal type of name for the blog. Just press the button and the name is generated automatically.

I wish I had used it when I was setting up this blog and I’ll definitely use this cool blog name generator for my next site.

The other Textual Thoughts blog

I came across “another blog”:http://textualthoughts.com/ with the name Textual Thoughts. Coincidentally the domain textualthoughts.com was also set up in January 2006, approximately the same time that I set up my blog here.

For the record my first post here is dated 2nd January and textualthoughts.com domain was created on 16 Jan 2006.

As explained by the blogger in the “about page”:http://textualthoughts.com/about/, the name textualthoughts.com was generated by the “Blog Name Generator”:http://weblogs.about.com/library/blblognamegenerator.htm. He had the foresight to create the textualthoughts.com domain.

I decided on the name for this blog because I was using *Textpattern* to publish my *thoughts* on line. Hence I added both terms together to create *Textual Thoughts*. It may not make much sense to others but it sounded appealing to me and I decided to use it here, even though this blog is hosted on my personal domain *dannytam.com*.

Flickr is offensive?

Censorship in Dubai

Help! My Flickr page has been censored!
I have not been able to access my Flickr account in Dubai. Apparently it’s not only my site but the whole of Flickr.com has been censored by the Dubai authorities. It started last year as reported “here on Metroblogging”:http://dubai.metblogs.com/archives/2005/11/for_flickrs_sake.phtml.