Pelikan’s brand new fountain pen – The Majesty M7000

The first thing you will notice about the Pelikan Majesty fountain pen is the absolutely beautiful barrel made of fluted sterling silver Ag 925 which is coated with platinum. The nib is a two toned 18K gold handcrafted nib. From the picture it seems that the overall finishing of the pen is excellent as can be expected from Pelikan.

Pelikan M650 Fountain Pen Review – Green Striped Barrel

The Pelikan M650 fountain pen with green striped barrel

This is a brief review of the Pelikan M650 fountain pen with green striped barrel. The Pelikan M650 is a discontinued model from Pelikan’s Souveran family of fountain pens. It has been out of production for a few years already but once in a while new old stock may be found on offer. Such was my good fortune when I

Fountain Pen Review: Nakaya Ishi-me Kan-shitsu (Stone Finish Kan-Shitsu Technique)

Now that I have had the pen for a few months I guess it is a good time to share my experience with a brief review of this wonderful piece of writing instrument.


Rambling Snail forum ceases to exist?

In my previous post I mentioned that Avery Hise, the founder of Rambling Snail had put up a for sale notice for the forum.

Not long after that the site ceased to be found on the world wide web. I was reluctant to post about the new development since I did not want to speculate prematurely on the demise

Fountain Pen photography with the Canon EOS 400D

Ever since I was bitten by the fountain pen bug a few months ago, I have been yearning to find a way to photograph the pens in a satisfactory manner. Fortunately Kelvin Tan, photgrapher extraordinaire , conducted a workshop in pen photography at Pengallery‘s showroom during