CNBC: A timeless investment choice

I came across this interesting article on CNBC’s website which talks about watches as an alternative investment, more interestingly, as an asset class that withstands the test of time. Personally I find it satisfying that my little hobby (my wife would call it an obsession) can now be described more respectfully as an alternative form […]

Motley Fool accepting Government bailout money

As I was checking my inbox this morning I noticed an eye catching email from David and Tom Gardner of Motley Fool. In case you are not familiar with these names, the Gardner brothers are the founders of the Motley Fool, a commercial investment website for individual retail investors. The email pointed to a letter, […]

Tracking the pulse of wall street

Following last week’s bloodletting on Wall Street, I was curious to know where the current panic selling stands compared to previous Wall Street panics. A popular tool to track the pulse of Wall Street is the RSI (Relative Strength Index) which is used to indicate technically overbought or oversold conditions. Conventional wisdom states that an […]

Desperate times for the SEC.

On Friday 19th September, the SEC imposed a temporary ban on short selling in an elite group of 799 US financial stocks. The SEC also eased stock buy back rules which previously restricted companies ability to buy back shares at the market open and close.  The moves were designed to stem the steep decline in […]

A great problem to have, too much cash on hand.

In the past few years Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has been plagued by a growing problem which other companies would kill to have, ie the problem of having too much excess cash. It comes from years of accumulating hugely successful businesses which rake in tons of excess cash each year. The growing cash stockpile is truly an embarassment of riches, one which Warren has had to explain every year to his fellow shareholders.