Playing around with Autostitch software

Here are some panorama images created using Autostitch software, an automatic image stitching software for creating panoramas. A demo version can be downloaded from the website. Ion Orchard, Singapore – using Nokia N85 Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur – using Nokia N85 Pavillion Shopping Center, Kuala Lumpur – using Nokia N85 It can even be […]

Fountain Pen photography with the Canon EOS 400D

Ever since I was bitten by the fountain pen bug a few months ago, I have been yearning to find a way to photograph the pens in a satisfactory manner. Fortunately Kelvin Tan, photgrapher extraordinaire , conducted a workshop in pen photography at Pengallery‘s showroom during

New Canon Digital SLR (DSLR) Expected

I have recently sold my Canon EOS 20D DLSR in anticipation of a new digital SLR to be released by Canon. Traditionally Canon has released new products in the Fall and August is usually the month for new camera product announcements by them. As the end of August approaches, rumour mills world wide have been […]

The Canon Powershot S3 IS (My Canon Powershot G2 replacement)

When Canon launched the Canon Powershot S2 IS in April last year I was sorely tempted to get one. I really liked the small form factor, the combination of monster 12X optical zoom with image stabilization, Digic II processor, video recording capabilities etc. However I held back because I was eagerly waiting for the Canon Powershot G7 which I was sure would be released at the end of 2005. After all the G6 was released way back in August 2004, a lifetime ago in the accelerated timeline of the modern digital cameras.