Junkers 6660-1 Iron Annie JU52 (featuring eta valgranges a07.161) – A WATCH review

Background Junkers (pronounced Yoonkers) is one of three watch brands owned by Pointtec Electronic GmBH, a German company founded in 1987. The other two brands offered by Pointtec are Zeppelin and Maximilian Munchen. Pointtec began by designing and producing private label promotional watches for German multi national corporations such as Borsch, Siemens and VW. In […]

Schaumburg Auf/Ab Gnomonik – A review of a unique single hand watch

Background Since the dawn of civilization people have been trying to find practical means of measuring the passage of time. The ancients invented the sundial which indicated time using the shadow cast by the “Gnomon” or pointer at different times of the day. “Gnomon” is an ancient Greek term meaning “indicator” or “that which reveals”. […]

Graf Zeppelin LZ-127 hand wind chronograph watch: a review

Background – I discovered this watch at the Malaysian outlet of Red Army Watches, which newly opened in December last month at the Tropicana City shopping mall. It caught my attention with its unusual lineage. The Zeppelin brand is of German origin. While the watch is labeled as “Made in Germany”, the P3133 movement is […]

Orient 300m professional diver watch – a Brief review

Orient is a Japanese watch company with a history dating back to 1901.  Orient offer excellent quality watches at very reasonable price points. In September 2008 Seiko Epson announced its intention to take full ownership control of Orient. Prior to that it had a 52% equity stake in Orient. The Orient 300m Professional diver watch […]

Pelikan M650 Fountain Pen Review – Green Striped Barrel

The Pelikan M650 fountain pen with green striped barrel

This is a brief review of the Pelikan M650 fountain pen with green striped barrel. The Pelikan M650 is a discontinued model from Pelikan’s Souveran family of fountain pens. It has been out of production for a few years already but once in a while new old stock may be found on offer. Such was my good fortune when I