CNBC: A timeless investment choice

I came across this interesting article on CNBC’s website which talks about watches as an alternative investment, more interestingly, as an asset class that withstands the test of time. Personally I find it satisfying that my little hobby (my wife would call it an obsession) can now be described more respectfully as an alternative form […]

An in depth review of Rolex caliber 3135

Timezone has an excellent article on the work horse caliber 3135 from Rolex. Must read for all watch enthusiasts.

Who Makes a Better Movement – Rolex or Omega?

In the world of horology, Rolex and Omega are both well known for their mass produced, highly industrialised watch movements. There is an eternal debate which is constantly raging between watch fans of both brands, ieĀ  Who Makes a Better Movement – Rolex or Omega?. John Holbrook II of Rolex Reference Page has recently joined […]

Junkers 6660-1 Iron Annie JU52 (featuring eta valgranges a07.161) – A WATCH review

Background Junkers (pronounced Yoonkers) is one of three watch brands owned by Pointtec Electronic GmBH, a German company founded in 1987. The other two brands offered by Pointtec are Zeppelin and Maximilian Munchen. Pointtec began by designing and producing private label promotional watches for German multi national corporations such as Borsch, Siemens and VW. In […]

DIY Watch strap tutorial

Here’s a link to an interesting tutorial on making your own watch straps. Great stuff.