Malaysia – Asia’s best in EF-EPI’s online English proficiency test

It was reported recently in the Economist magazine that, in an online English proficiency test conducted by EF Education First, the world’s largest private educational company, Malaysians scored the best amongst Asian nations.

In the test results, Malaysia actually ranked no. 9 worldwide, and that was good enough to make us Asia’s top performer. Malaysia is also the only Asian nation to have achieved “High Proficiency” level, with an EF-EPI score of 55.54. In the report, one of the reasons given for Malaysia’s high EPI score is that English language helps to overcome the language barrier between the different races in Malaysia.

It is best to let the report speak for itself:

“Malaysia, the highest proficiency country in Asia and the only high proficiency country outside Europe, is an excellent example of how English can be used to bridge linguistic divides between different communities within the same country. ……………….. In Malaysia, English is valued as a shared language across communities, not owned by any one of the three, as well as being an international medium of communication.”

How true. This is an achievement that all English speaking Malaysians can truly be proud of.

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