My name is Danny Tam. At the start of 2006 I am launching this personal blog as a platform to further explore the exciting field of personal publishing.

I started off this blog with Textpattern as the CMS , but I have recently switched to WordPress for certain technical reasons. Both software are excellent publishing platforms but as of now WordPress is better able to meet the requirement of this site.

This blog shall serve as a scribblepad on which I shall post tid bits of personal interests. My primary aim is to utilize blogging as a tool to practise my writing. It is also a means to keep family members and friends who are living in far away land posted on the latest developments in the Tam clan.

Please feel free to contact me (dannytam[at]gmail[dot]com) with your comments, feedback and criticisms.

Disclaimer: The materials which are posted here solely represent my personal opinions and shall in no way and at no time be associated with my employer.

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