About this site:

*Introduction:* My name is Danny Tam. At the start of 2006 I am launching this personal blog as a platform to further explore the exciting field of personal publishing.

*On blogging software:* I have had experience with the ubiquitious “WordPress”:http://wordpress.org and the alternative B2 successor, “B2evolution”:http://b2evolution.net . However the blog engine powering this site is “Textpattern”:http://www.textpattern.com which I selected for 2 reasons. First one is that I wish to learn a different blogging platform after having tried wordpress and b2evolution. (For the record, I am still using WordPress and B2evolution for some other sites which I maintain.) Secondly Textpattern has a good reputation also being a very capable content management system.

*On blog presentation:* The template which I am using for this site is actually a home brewed adaptation of Root’s “Gemini template”:http://thebombsite.com/gemini originally created for WordPress. I am particularly fond of its relatively clean structure and two column layout. I have adapted it for my B2evolution and also Textpattern sites. Thanks Root 😉 .

*On content:* This blog shall serve as a scribblepad on which I shall post tid bits of personal interests. My primary aim is to utilize blogging as a tool to practise my writing. It is also a means to keep family members and friends who are living in far away land posted on the latest developments in the Tam clan.

*Disclaimer:* The materials which are posted here solely represent my personal opinions and shall in no way and at no time be associated with my employer.

New Year, New Life by Tony Robbins

At the end of 2005 I was fortunate enough to have tuned into Larry King’s interview with Tony Robbins. During the interview Tony revealed that he has put up a free online seminar specially created to coincide with the occasion.

I have always been a great fan of Tony’s ever since I read his bestseller “Unlimited Power” a long time ago. I heartily recommend this free seminar for those who are interested in introducing some lasting positive changes to their lives in the coming new year.

The interview transcript can be found here.