Rambling Snail forum ceases to exist?

In my previous post I mentioned that Avery Hise, the founder of Rambling Snail had put up a for sale notice for the forum.

Not long after that the site ramblingsnail.net ceased to be found on the world wide web. I was reluctant to post about the new development since I did not want to speculate prematurely on the demise of the Rambling Snail.

However it has now been about a month since I noticed the site’s disappearance, and I guess we have to finally acknowledge the fact that the Rambling Snail forum has ceased to exist.

I guess Avery should still be keeping a backup of the database forum and with some effort one should still be able to revive the venerable Rambling Snail. We can only hope that some kind soul will step up to the challenge.

In the meantime I have moved on and signed up with the following fountain pen communities, under the userid of “danny”:

Fountain Pen Network and Fountain Pens South East Asia.

The Fountain Pen Network has been around for a few years already and it a very active community with over 2500 registered users (at last count).

On the other hand the Fountain Pens South East Asia forum is very new, being only a few months old, but targets users from a certain geographic region, namely South East Asia. It is hoped that this board will grow to be a focal point for fountain pen collectors in the region.