Online marketplace for Malaysian Horology Enthusiasts and fine Timepiece Collectors

There is now an active online marketplace for Malaysian Horology enthusiasts and watch collectors to hunt for fine timepieces. Malaysia Watch Forum’s Merchant Sales Corner is a one stop destination for online merchants/dealers to offer their products ranging from pre-owned timepieces to various watch accessories.

For Malaysia Watch Forum registered members there’s a special Members’ Pre-Owned Watches section for MWF members to buy/sell/trade pre-owned timepieces. Currently it is only accessible to registered members when they login to the forum.

As an indication to the quality of the merchandise on offer, one of the highlights currently available for sale is this pre-owned Omega-First Series of the Central Tourbillon No11, available at the Merchants’ Corner.

Omega-First Series of the Central Tourbillon No11

Omega-First Series of the Central Tourbillon No11

Generally the sellers are very friendly and prospective buyers in Malaysia can often arrange to view the watches before making a purchase decision. Validation of watches can usually be arranged also, giving peace of mind to any collector planning to make a substantial investment in fine timepieces.

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