My favourite Rolex from Basel 2011 – Explorer II Reference 216570

New Rolex Explorer II

Rolex has been known to move at a glacial pace when it comes to upgrading their sports models. This is especially true over the past few years as they gradually introduced new upgraded/improved versions of their ever popular sports models such as the GMT II, Submariner, Sea-dweller and the Explorer I. Each year at Basel the Rolex world held their breath in anticipation of the unveiling of a new Sports model from Rolex.

2011, being the 40th anniversary of the launch of the 1655 Rolex Explorer II, has been widely expected to be the year of the Explorer II and Rolex certainly did not disappoint. Across the world, Rolex fans were (very) pleasantly surprised when the Rolex finally unveiled the new Explorer II (Reference 216570).

The 216570 break new grounds for Rolex in so many ways. Let’s start with the case which was enlarged from the traditional (for Rolex) 40mm diameter to 42mm diameter. This makes the new Explorer II the second biggest watch in Rolex’s Sports collection, the largest being the DeepSea which measures 44mm in diameter. As part of the upgrade the 216570 also got the latest movement, caliber 3187, which comes with the non-magnetic blue Parachrom hairspring and the Paraflex anti-shock mechanism. Another first for Rolex is the introduction of anti reflective coating on the watch sapphire crystal. In addition the new Explorer II also received the standard upgrade packages such as the maxi-dial, orange 24 hour hand and the longer lasting Chromalight lume.

Truly Rolex is to be congratulated for getting everything right with the 2011 Explorer II model. With so many nice new features and improvements, what’s not to like about the new Explorer II from Rolex.

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4 Responses to My favourite Rolex from Basel 2011 – Explorer II Reference 216570

  1. Kyle S. says:

    Hi – agree with you 100%, I would have to say this is the biggest hit of Baselworld 2011.

    Nice blog, btw….just stumbled upon it!


  2. bobby says: you know if rolex are releasing an all new and possibly 42mm daytona ?

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