Introducing the Ennebi Fondale Vintage Collection

Ennebi is an Italian company located in Florence, specializing in mechanical watches and precision instruments. It was founded in 2004 by Alessandro Bettarini and Luciano Nincheri, with the intention of preserving the Florentine watch making tradition which suffered a setback when Officine Panerai was acquired by the Vendome Group in 1997. (Currently Officine Panerai may be headquartered in Florence, Italy but Panerai watches are no longer manufactured there. The watch manufacturing division of Panerai is based in Neuchatel, Switzerland.)

Alessandro Bettarini held the position of manager of mechanical planning and technical drawing section of Officine Panerai in Italy, and played a lead role in the design and development of Panerai timepieces. Through him the Ennebi Fondale can trace its design roots back to the one of the protoype Italian naval dive watches by Panerai.

Italian naval dive watch prototype

The Ennebi Fondale is the first fruit of Ennebi’s labour and to this day remains its best selling model. The design of the Ennebi Fondale draws on its Italian naval dive watch heritage, and remains true to its Tuscan roots with emphasis on the watch case design and manufacturing. The bold masculine design of the Ennebi Fondale with its generously proportioned watch case and its minimalist but highly legible dial design exhibits the unmistakable Italian design flair which gave the world classic design icons such as the Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini sports cars. 

I have to admit that the Ennebi Fondale is my favourite Italian naval dive watch. Below are wristshots of the two Ennebi timepieces in my collection, both of which were purchased from Gnomon Watches.

Ennebi Fondale Wrist Shot

Ennebi Fondale GT Wrist Shot

Naturally I was very pleased to have received. from Anders of Gnomon Watches, the following Press Release announcing the arrival of the Ennebi Fondale Vintage Collection. There are currently two Limited Edition models in the Vintage Collection, each produced in a limited quantity of 33 pieces only. According to Anders the Ennebi Vintage Collection is exclusive to Gnomon Watches and their distributors.


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